With Corona constraints, we prepare & shoot your project in Israel, Middle-East. Avec le Corona, dans le respect des restrictions en vigueur, nous préparons et réalisons le tournage de votre projet.

Votre projet de tournage doit aboutir : nous l’assurons, à distance, en parfaite coordination et en totale transparence avec votre bureau. Nous travaillons en conformité avec les contraintes liées au Corona. Pré-production, production, post-production.

We shoot your project in Middle-East region with Corona virus constraints. We provide any analogic and digital solutions.


Long Film Documentary Trailer | Director: Mihale Boganim | May 2019 Jerusalem | Netivot | Yeruham French-Israeli Director Mihale Boganim, comes to Israel to prepare, interview and shoot some of ‘EXILED FROM PROMISED LAND’. A long film documentary trailer, related to Black Panthers dealing with Ashekenazi-Sefaradi confrontation & racism, in Israeli society early time. Interviewing…

VIDEO RUNNER @Habima, Israel National Theater

In 2018, for 4 months, I joined Habima, Israel National Theater as a video runner and a sound engineer assistant.

I learned a few plays in order to play video queues live while the show is playing.

Habima has in house 4 main halls, from 40 to 900 seats.

I had to install, uninstall, set up many different video projectors in several configurations.

We also travelled a lot with the play “Alone in Berlin”, to Jerusalem, Haifa, Ashdod, repeating each time each tasks with a true pleasure.


STARFLOOR 2010 – 3 hours of music from best International artists!
Show Visual: Judith Darmont
Production: LIVE NATION – RTL Group – Fun Radio – M6 – W9
Venue: Paris-Bercy / Indoor 17,000 people
Screen: 200 m2 LED Screen – 5 configurations


2012 DASSAULT V6 SYSTEM – SEVILLA CONVENTION ::: Teaser / Jingle / Corporate Event / Graphic Artistic Motion Graphic / Video Jingles Design / VJ Live Video Performance/Happening Director: Judith Darmont © Judith Darmont 1995-2015 All Right Reserved EVENT / CORPORATE / CONVENTION / CONGRESS BUSINESS MEETING /

URBAN SPIRITS|video street art

Stop for few minutes in the street and watch all in the same direction…. URBAN SPIRITS is a Digital Street Art creation by Judith Darmont. A creation based on intimate encounters between an artist and people living in cities all around the world Judith Darmont travels the world and creates video art portraits. These portraits…

translate / electrojazz series

  Music: Michel Benita + Guests Show Visual: Judith Darmont Show Visual Production Management: Jean-David Abramowicz

praising the jam / electrojazz series

MUSIC: Jerome Badini, Video Saxophone Jean-Philippe Audin, Video Cello SHOW VISUAL, Design & Live: Judith Darmont SHOW VISUAL PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Jean-David Abramowicz © 1995-2017 Judith Darmont

Aleph / BABEL fractal series

Enter the world as the beginning of the Aleph. First letter of the Hebrew alphabet. – 2014 – Judith Darmont © New Video Art from BABEL project. Click on HD button to see it! Available on limited edition.


composite, cinetic & fractal. video artwork, 1’10 by Judith Darmont © 2015 JUDITH DARMONT – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Korean / BABEL series

KOREAN OPUS N°1 – 2014 – Judith Darmont © New Video Art from BABEL project. Clic on HD button to see it! Available on limited edition.

Jean-David Abramowicz | Community Management | Jan. 2021 Tweets by digital_culture INDUSTRIES: Digital Tourism Music Show Healing & Yoga International Art & Culture Webmaster, build & design Community Management Posts design & share Copywriting, Image & Video Campaign Automation design & operations Remarketing Content management & curating Community search & acquisition Lead acquisition New campaigns (PM) Digital Tourism: Automated…


I LOVE WYSIWYG | content is king | graphic design | motion graphinc design

Soundani Manayou​/​Mrhaba (Cervo Edits)

We are very proud to present our first official release!
Though taking influence from around the globe, our journey as a label begins in Morocco, with multi-instrumentalist Majid Bakkas reworked for the dancefloor by co-founder Cervo.

With both tracks taken from the incredible 2001 album ‘African Gnaoua Blues’ (Igloo Records), the A-side features 8-minute groove workout ‘Soudani Manayou’, a perfect fusion of Gnawa guitar and afro-jazz sensibilities.
On the flip, a club-ready version of ‘Mrhaba’ leaves the original spirit intact but brings a definitive peak-time bounce, complete with a whirling flute breakdown.
Full sleeve artwork comes from Colombia-based artist Bethany Porteous.

Early support from Auntie Flo, Hunee, Optimo, Thris Tian, Stamp The Wax, Banoffee Pies, Mr Bongo and more.
paru le 22 juin 2017

Original music by Majid Bekkas (Igloo Records). Addition production by Cervo. Mastered by Frank at The Carvery.
tous droits réservés


i cooked a number of videoart, using 2108 MIDBURN The Inner Eye art & therapy project.


Sometimes, you have to find the words, to anticipate practice & technology, to ‘think different’ Startup founder :: in the early 90s & 2000 with Internet, new technologies & new markets Free Mind ::
CTO :: As a pioneer, you can be the first to find & solve technical issues
Project Manager :: Digitization Consultant :: Digitizing processes or departments with creativity ::
Trend :: Innovator :: Brainstormer :: Problem solver :: Digital transformer :: Processes optimizer

© 2017 | Jean-David Abramowicz | NGOcv

Hi, my will is to join the production, from the social & humanitarian sector, to create and manage social, cultural, or education, developping country projects, for a better world. I am very curious, fast in learning and investigation. Like to share. Attached to details. Love brainstorming and developping new ideas ». Jean-David

Conditions Générales | MailKitchen

MailKitchen Offres Fonctionnalités S’inscrire Gratuitement Se connecter CONDITIONS GENERALES D’UTILISATION des services de la plateforme MAILKITCHEN

steel flow / electrojazz series

A clip by Judith Darmont over “Steel Flow” from Michel Benita’s “Drastic” album. Featuring Nils-Petter Molvaer on trumpet. (2005).

telefon TELAVIV

© 1995-2015 JUDITH DARMONT Copyright – All Rights Reserved.

nude flowers

weed, light & water, to give birth to a flower. first steps.