‘Showtime fox’

In 2018, for 4 months, I joined Habima Theater’s VIDEO AND SOUND department & crew, Israel National Theater as a video runner and an assistant sound engineer. I love showtime, production and all the family giving life to art! BIG TIME!

innovation, design, install, 
I learned a few in-house plays in order to play video queues live while the show is happening. I used Resolume to manage contents, edit and set up video and sound queues on the timeline. Sometimes, i had to fight with the light or set department to secure screening spots and queues and keep quality up. light mapping 

Habima has in house 4 main halls, from 40 to 900 seats.
I had to install, uninstall, set up many different video projectors in several configurations, inside Habima Theaters, but also in a number of stages across the country.
We travelled a lot with the play “Alone in Berlin”, to Jerusalem, Haifa, Ashdod, Sderot, Yir Habadim… repeating each time each tasks with a true pleasure.

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