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French-Israeli Director Mihale Boganim, comes to Israel to prepare, interview and shoot some of ‘EXILED FROM PROMISED LAND’. 

A French-Israeli coproduction, between French production company EX NIHILO, AGAT FILMS & Israeli production company LAMA PRODUCTIONS.

A long film documentary trailer, related to Black Panthers dealing with Ashekenazi-Sefaradi confrontation & racism, in Israeli society early time. 

Interviewing 3 generations of Jewish Sepharad, originated from Jewish Communities from Arab Countries.

Preparation: 10 days, 12 pre-interviews contact and schedule, 20 location seightseeings

Schedule, Budget


Crew recruitment: Camera woman Assistant, Drone Director Licensed Pilot, Sound Engineer

Equipment: consulting 2 major filming rental equipments companies from Tel Aviv.

contacts, négociation.

Logistics: RBNB and Hotels arrangements

Car &Van Rental arrangements, conditions & contacts.

Shooting: 10 days, 12 interviews, 15 sites

Schedule, Budget and Filming Authorizations.

For a total of 5,000 Km

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