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i come from a parisian house full of art, culture and production. after my baccalaureate, i travelled 2,5 years to Jerusalem where i studied and worked. for another 6 months, in Manhattan New York, i worked as a Casting Agency Director’s Assistant. back in Paris, in 1990, as an IT consultant & entrepreneur, aged of 22, i founded my compagny to deliver digital solutions to companies, for 15 years. in parallel, i start to get involved with digital art production, assisting a young European Digital Artist, pioneering with digital painting, flash animation and more visual art collaborations on International Branding Event and Music Stages. i joined ART3000, an international digital & video artwork association as a technician, a video runner with international digital art festivals and more multimedia writing symposium. progressively, i became a line producer, a production manager: i augment my skills & experiences with international branding, music & digital art events, networks and communities. in 2008, i moved to Israel. from 2005 to 2015, i decided to work full time as a motion graphic studio CEO, delivering artistic films and video artwork to international: – – – over 500 productions & stages later, in 2013, in Israel, i decided to turn myself to videoart design & performance. but still, i couldn’t quit the production world. in 2019, out of video artwork designing and performing on theater and lecture stages, i joined film productions with feature films, documentaries, series in Israel, with international and local production companies, directors. #1stassistantdirector #productiondirector #fixer #videoartist #videoartworkproductionmanager #videoartworkdesigner #videoartworkperformer #digitalartprouctionmanager #performingartsproductionmanager #digitalrevolutions #CEO #CTO #TrainingDirector #NewMedia #ContentManager #DigitalVideo #GraphicDesign #MotionGraphicDesign
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myRESUME (April 2019):

See & Download [JPG] jean_david_abramowicz_resumep19.jpg

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