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Sometimes, you have to find the words, to anticipate practice & technology, to ‘think different’ Startup founder :: in the early 90s & 2000 with Internet, new technologies & new markets Free Mind :: i.Media a brand name that I designed in 1995, prior to Apple iMac, iTunes
CTO :: As a pioneer, you can be the first to find & solve technical issues
Project Manager :: A 100,000 books library catalog & index digitization Consultant :: Digitizing processes or departments with creativity
Trend Innovator Brainstormer Problem solver Digital transformer Processes optimizer

© 2017 | Jean-David Abramowicz | NGOcv

Hi, my will is to join the production, from the social & humanitarian sector, to create and manage social, cultural, or education, developping country projects, for a better world. I am very curious, fast in learning and investigation. Like to share. Attached to details. Love brainstorming and developping new ideas ». Jean-David


STARFLOOR 2010 – 3 hours of music from best International artists!
Show Visual: Judith Darmont
Production: LIVE NATION – RTL Group – Fun Radio – M6 – W9
Venue: Paris-Bercy / Indoor 17,000 people
Screen: 200 m2 LED Screen – 5 configurations


2012 DASSAULT V6 SYSTEM – SEVILLA CONVENTION ::: Teaser / Jingle / Corporate Event / Graphic Artistic Motion Graphic / Video Jingles Design / VJ Live Video Performance/Happening Director: Judith Darmont © Judith Darmont 1995-2015 All Right Reserved EVENT / CORPORATE / CONVENTION / CONGRESS BUSINESS MEETING /

URBAN SPIRITS|video street art

Stop for few minutes in the street and watch all in the same direction…. URBAN SPIRITS is a Digital Street Art creation by Judith Darmont. A creation based on intimate encounters between an artist and people living in cities all around the world Judith Darmont travels the world and creates video art portraits. These portraits…

translate / electrojazz series

  Music: Michel Benita + Guests Show Visual: Judith Darmont Show Visual Production Management: Jean-David Abramowicz

praising the jam / electrojazz series

MUSIC: Jerome Badini, Video Saxophone Jean-Philippe Audin, Video Cello SHOW VISUAL, Design & Live: Judith Darmont SHOW VISUAL PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Jean-David Abramowicz © 1995-2017 Judith Darmont

steel flow / electrojazz series

A clip by Judith Darmont over “Steel Flow” from Michel Benita’s “Drastic” album. Featuring Nils-Petter Molvaer on trumpet. (2005).

telefon TELAVIV

© 1995-2015 JUDITH DARMONT Copyright – All Rights Reserved.

Aleph / BABEL fractal series

Enter the world as the beginning of the Aleph. First letter of the Hebrew alphabet. – 2014 – Judith Darmont © New Video Art from BABEL project. Click on HD button to see it! Available on limited edition.


composite, cinetic & fractal. video artwork, 1’10 by Judith Darmont © 2015 JUDITH DARMONT – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

nude flowers

weed, light & water, to give birth to a flower. first steps.

Korean / BABEL series

KOREAN OPUS N°1 – 2014 – Judith Darmont © New Video Art from BABEL project. Clic on HD button to see it! Available on limited edition.